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djuzeppe - is a web-based AI Engine and AI Editor. Main goal of this project - Help to create and maintain your own web AI bots. AI Editor provides intuitive web-interface and handy tools for building AI Knowledge Bases. Editor supports multiuser development of each bot.

You can test AI bot "Natasha" on page:

System requirements: php, mySQL 5.

djuzeppe consists of 3 parts:
  1. AI Engine
  2. AI Editor
  3. Data Base

AI Engine

AI Engine scheme

The main idea of this AI is – THEMES. Keywords and answers are not connected directly to each other. But there are list of themes. Each keyword or answer is connected to one or more themes. So in short, ai_engine get keywords from user question, select themes for this keywords and choose appropriate answer for this themes.

There are 3 variants of reaction on user questions (look AI Engine scheme).
  1. AI Engine selects only that answers which are connected to the largest quantity (combination) of used in the question themes. (In djuzeppe you can assigne several themes to answer. So this answers usually are most relevant.)
  2. AI Engine can't find answers which are connected for combination of used in question themes. Then Engine define which theme from question meets in log less. (There are table for logging all themes which were used in talks.) We suppose, that answer for most rare, uncommon theme is the most relevant (interesting).
  3. Finally, if AI Engine can't find any themes for keywords, then it use special predefined themes like "Bla-bla-bla". This theme is associated with dim, uncertain answers.

AI Editor

AI Editor scheme

  1. To create your own AI go to page /ai/admin.php and login there. Default login – admin, password – 12345678. You'll be transferred to /ai/index.php page, but on top of it you'll see menu of AI Editor.
  2. In a fresh installed project (after inserting fresh dump in a database) on page “Themes” (ai/theme.php) you’ll find only 4 themes. They are predefined themes and each of them have special keyword in comment column. By this keywords ai-engine finds in database this predefined themes for special cases. Predefined keywords and cases:
    • repeatedquestion” - Question was repeated
    • repeatedanswer” - Question is copied robots answer
    • nosymbolsinquestion” - Question contains no symbols
    • nothemesfoundforquestion” - There is no themes in database for words in the question. AI does’t understand the question.
  1. On page “Answers” (ai/ans.php) click “Add answer”. Write new answer for one of the predefined themes, don’t forget to check this theme in the list. 2-3 answers for each theme at first will be enough. For “repeatedanswer” you can write – “Don’t repeat my answers, please”, for “nothemesfoundforquestion” – “I see” or “Why do you think so?”.
  2. Then return on page “Themes” (ai/theme.php). Add here some new themes: “Computers”, “Sport”, “Weather”, “Time”, “Red squirrels”…
  3. Go to page “Questions” (ai/quest.php). Here you can add new keywords. Each keyword must contain only alphabet letters (no numbers, spaces, dots…). For each keyword check only one appropriate theme.
  4. Go to page “Answers” (ai/ans.php). Add new answers. This is very important that you can check several themes for each answer. User’s questions can contain several keywords, for this keywords ai-engine will search themes in the database. Exact answer for these themes is the most “clever” answer. So predict this combinations of themes and write for them ready answers.
  5. So, insert into the database new themes, questions, answers and experiment on it.

On page free.php you'll find a lists of themes, keywords and answers which are not connected.

Push.php is a special page for fast and handy adding packs of new keywords and answers for combinations of themes. So, let us suppose, that you want to add several keywords and answers for some idea, thought, conception, situation. On quest.php and ans.php you can add them one by one. But on push.php you just select theme or themes which show the best correlation with you thought or situation and press "For selected themes add keywords (questions) and answers" button. You'll see a list of keyword and answers which are already connected for selected themes and inputboxes for your new keywords and answers. Fill this inputboxes and press "Push".

Data Base

AI Data Base scheme

AI mind is located in the database. There are 8 tables: 6 for AI itself and 2 for logs and user accounts. We provide two mySQL dumps for this database. One (provided for beginning your new AI ) contains only 11 predefined themes, some keywords, answers for example, user of the project “admin” and new user of database “apache”, their passwords - “12345678”. Another is dump of AI - “Natasha” from our first site with 100 themes, 1050 keywords and 701 answers. Both dumps provided under GPL.

quest_id serial,
quest_word character varying(255),
quest_komment text,
quest_time timestamp
List of keywords (questions). Row contains keyword and comment.

quest_key_id serial,
quest_keyid integer,
quest_theme_keyid integer,
quest_key_time timestamp
Each row contains ID of keyword (question) and ID of theme. This mean that keyword (question) and theme are connected.

answer_id serial,
answer_word text,
answer_komment text,
answer_time timestamp
List of answers. Row contains answer sentence and comment.

answer_key_id serial,
answer_keyid integer,
answer_theme_keyid integer,
answer_key_time timestamp
Each row contains ID of answer and ID of theme. This mean that answer and theme are connected.

theme_id serial,
theme_word text,
theme_komment text,
theme_time timestamp
List of themes. Row contains theme's name and comment.

log_theme_id serial,
log_theme_ip text,
log_theme_sessid text,
log_themeid character varying(100),
log_theme_time timestamp
All used themes from each questions are here. Row contains user's IP, user's session, theme ID.

log_id serial,
log_quest text,
log_answer text,
log_ip character varying(100),
log_time timestamp
Log of all ai_bot talks. Each row contains question, answer and user's IP.

user_id serial,
user_name text,
user_pass text,
user_komment text,
user_time timestamp
List of ai_editor users. Row contains user's name, password and some comments.

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